What is the process for buying a home in mid-Missouri?

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Offer (negotiation)


Inspection(s) (re-negotiate if necessary)

Title inspection (Appraisal)

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I earn my commission every time by saving you time in the buying process and money in the purchase price.

Even if you don't call me, sign on with a competent agent before you get serious about a house. There are too many ways a good REALTOR can save you money to list here.

Get pre-approved-- and keep your buyer's agent involved in the process. Remember: Your lender has no legal obligation to you at all, while your buyer's agent has a legal and ethical obligation to look out for your best interest.

Once you've gotten pre-approved, you're ready to start looking at homes. There will only be a few homes in your price range with the qualifications you are looking for. Let YOUR agent help you narrow the choices before you begin. When you find the right house, you'll want to make an offer. It is in everyone's interest to write all offers and counter-offers. When all parties agree to the terms, and everyone signs, then you'll have a house under contract. This doesn't always happen quickly.

Next, you will have an opportunity to inspect the home you wish to purchase. I almost always recommend a "whole house" inspection. They cost around $300. Their true value is in getting a pair of eyes not emotionally attached to the deal involved. The inspector's job is to find everything that could possibly be wrong with your future home. Sometimes the report makes your dream house look like a nightmare, but that's what you paid them for. YOUR agent has experience negotiating surprises the inspection might reveals.

If necessary negotiation goes well during the inspection phase, your bank will then order an appraisal. DO NOT let your bank order an appraisal until you are satisfied with all inspections. An appraisal can cost $350 or more. You don't want to be stuck with that fee if you aren't going to go through with the sale!

There can be many, many additional steps in this process, depending on the deal, and they can be very challenging. Finding your dream home is often easier than keeping the deal together once you've put it under contract! That's where I come in. I'm an expert in helping people successfully close on the home they want. From finding creative ways to make the financing work to dealing tactfully with complicated, emotionally-charged negotiations, I have the experience you need!

"Dave was great! From the first time we spoke he was on the ball about every aspect of our deal. I felt I was in secure, knowledgeable hands." - Stacy and Joseph Pendergrass, Columbia, MO

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