Real estate agents are all the same.

TRUTH: Experience, education, and character make huge differences in people. The same is true for real estate agents. Some of us have strong ethical character and the experience to make things happen smoothly for our clients, while some do not. Every agent you meet is different. Interview several agents before committing to one.

"I just feel like David was a part of our family" - Jackie Smoot, Yuma AZ

The mega-producing "top" agents are the best.

TRUTH: While the top agents are certainly where they are for a reason, it may not be the reason that matters most to you. Almost all of Columbia's top agents got there working for builders. Agents that represent builders spend a lot of time representing them, leaving less time for single transaction re-sale clients. If you are not purchasing or selling new construction, there may be a better agent for you. Always interview several agents before committing to one.

"I felt like anything they thought we might be interested in, they just pushed on us; and I felt like with Dave, he genuinely wanted what was in our best interest..." - Somer Larson, Columbia, MO

If I don't use a real estate agent when I buy, I'll save money!

TRUTH: The perception is you'll save the buyer's agent's commission, but your agent might well be able to negotiate more than their commission in purchase price reduction. Furthermore, your Buyer's Agent may earn his or her fee many times over during the purchase process by protecting your interests and by pointing out issues and potential problems you might have otherwise missed. I have a friend who purchased a home for $5,000 less than the asking price because they used the selling agent instead of a buyer's agent. I know they're proud... I didn't have the heart to tell them the house was $10,000 over-priced in the first place! If I would have represented them, the seller would have come down the $5,000 and still paid me.

"[Dave] has an ability to stay calm and focused when things get harried and knows just who to talk with when things start to slow down..." - Sharon Salmons

A discount brokerage always saves money.

TRUTH: Discount brokerages charge less because they limit their services. But unless you're psychic, how can you predict which services you won't need? Closing a home sale between two individuals with specific and differing needs is a difficult thing. If you list with a company that offers only minimal services, you're betting the sale of your home will have no unforeseen requirements. Who will advise you when something unexpected comes up? When you hire a professional like me, you're buying full service. I provide one of the most comprehensive service packages available in the industry today. Not every service I provide is required for every sale, but it's nice to know the service you need will be made available at no extra cost. It takes a lot of experience to make a real estate sale close smoothly... or a lot of luck. Why gamble when it comes to your biggest investment?

"I felt I was in secure, knowledgable hands." - Stacy Pendergrass, Columbia, MO


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