What is the process for selling my home in mid-Missouri?

While the contract process is the same for both buyers and sellers, the procedure for selling your home is as individual as you are.  Your needs should determine how your agent designs the marketing plan.  Be skeptical of an agent who shows up with an agenda, a canned marketing process.  One size does not fit all.

One of the unique services I provide for sellers who are just beginning to contemplate a move is the "office exclusive" listing, otherwise known as the "M.L.S. waiver" agreement.  This limits the listing to my office until you are ready to sell, at which point it goes into the Multiple Listing System.  There are many advantages to this kind of a listing. For one thing, it gives me time to prepare your marketing (flyers, plat maps, neighborhood information, signatures, measuring, advertising, et cetera).  It also gives you time to do the minor repairs required to maximize your sales price.

I had a client who knew he was going to move, but wasn't sure when or where.  He listed with me on the "MLS waiver" so he could make repairs to his condominium while I set up his marketing.  A few months later, he called and said he was ready to look at houses.  I showed him three, and he immediately put one under contract.  Since he had already done the paperwork to sell his condominium with me, and since my marketing was prepared, we were able to locate a buyer and close on his condo less than 60 days after putting the marketing into effect.

There are many other advantages to this kind of marketing plan, which I would be happy to explain to you in detail.  However, this plan will not work for everyone.  My job as your listing agent is to develop a marketing plan that works to meet your needs, not mine as an agent.

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