Know the Market.

Most real estate professionals have a good grasp of the market through their access to the MLS.  Many have a better understanding through their sales experience.  I have both, but also a personal, first-hand understanding of our market due to my years of investing.

Execute effective marketing through experience.

Some ads generate calls and showings.  Some ads don't.  Some pictures sell effectively.  Some don't.  I know the difference.  Some features are more desirable in certain price ranges.  I know which ones matter.  I've written a lot of ads...  I know which ones worked and why!

Work buyer leads with patience.

Some agents are strictly listing agents; they don't work with buyers.  I do.  Working with buyers makes me a better Seller's Agent because I see homes through the eyes of the buyers I've worked with!

Follow through with tenacity.

Some agents give up.  I'm hard-headed.  I don't let go until I find out what the objection is, and try to SOLVE it!

Negotiate from a position of strength.

I keep YOU in control from beginning to end of the sales process.  I do this by positioning your home correctly in the market place, by helping you solve potential objections before they become objections, and by helping you prepare for the outcomes of various negotiations.

Close the sale smoothly with foresight.

This means solving problems before they become problems.  By being aware of what is going on during the contract process, I am often able to keep potential problems from becoming actual problems.  I believe this is the most important service I provide for my clients!

Be as transparent as possible.

I will never speak for you without speaking to you first.  I'll make sure you understand the ramifications of your decisions, but you must choose the course of action that best meets your needs.


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